Easter Sugar Cookies

Howdy! I made these for you. And Easter.  And the little boy I nanny-for his Easter basket. And they are delicious! I am that babysitter- that goes all out for holidays, birthdays, random days, etc. for the little guy I care for.  He’s my bud, we spend a lot of time together so I like […]


Taking A Break

I have to say I’m feeling relaxed on this Wednesday morning (Happy Hump Day!). With Easter just on the horizon and my big exams behind me, I took last night to unplug from school and social media to relax and watch some TV.  Believe it or not, I only manage to find some time to […]

Summer Snacks Collage

Summer Snack Options

Why did I ever want to grow up? Taxes are confusing! And a lot of work.  I need to remember to start keeping better track of paperwork.  How’s your Tuesday going so far?  I am happy to report that my exam every week streak of five weeks has finally ended.  Only three weeks until finals […]

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Burnin Abs Circuit

5am Workout Club

This morning I joined the 5am workout club.  I know for a lot of people this is their usual workout time slot but I have a really hard time getting up that early-especially to workout.  Usually I’m only up before 5 if I have to be at the hospital.  However, I have to work all […]


Frozen Coconut Cream Bars

So today is the first Thursday of the semester that I do not have to be at the hospital or what I call ‘clinical’.  I’ve been looking forward to this day for 10 weeks.  Dreaming about what I would be doing with all my ‘extra’ time off.  I dreamed of making some crazy good recipes […]


Spinach Onion Flatbread

Hello! Remember that one day I ate completely raw? I often think back to that day, especially after eating a heavy meal or something sugary.  What I particularly remember is how good I felt the entire day- full of energy, light, and healthy.  While, at this point in my life, I could not be 100% […]


Finding the Groove

Good Morning! Last night, I was really not in the mood to wake up in the morning to go to the gym.  I was tired from studying, full from dinner and overall just not feeling it.  I knew I would feel better if I did go though, so I set my alarm and decided I […]


Marshmallow Chex S’mores Cookies

Happy Friday!! Let’s see- what has been going on? Besides the fact that I cannot wait for the weekend, I am most excited to be getting my nails done tomorrow.  Yes that is the highlight of my weekend.  Sigh.  I’ll be holed up at the library or Starbucks or somewhere with lots of caffeine and […]


Homemade Stuffed Pumpkin Cream Crescents

I thought of these the minute I woke up from a nap.  I was hungry.  We had goat cheese and pumpkin that needed to be used up.  Crescents were the obvious answer? My Mom used to make these peanut butter and jelly stuffed rolls for us for breakfast when we were kids.  She would take […]

One Year Anniversary

Today is Short And Healthy’s One Year Anniversary! It was on this day last year that I took the plunge and wrote my first blog post.  So many emotions are hitting me right now-what a year it has been, how much it has changed, how much I have changed! I need to express just how […]


Blackberry Pear Oatmeal Bars

Happy April Fools Day! I made some amazing Blackberry Pear Oatmeal Bars over the weekend!   Before we jump to that-I’ve never really been a huge participant in April Fools Day- although one year in grammar school I brought home a ‘real’ detention slip.  Obviously, you can infer what type of student I was-my Mom […]


Monday Motivators

It’s time for another Monday Motivators post! Has it really been a week already? Before we get to talking about some amazing motivators- a little update of what has been going on this week. I caved in and bought an Eric Condren planner.  It’s life changing.  It allows my Type-A personality to come out in […]


Monday Motivators

Happy Monday! As I was eating some frozen yogurt over the weekend—> my sister recently got a job at Red Mango, a frozen yogurt chain, and it has become a real problem.  I’m eating froyo at least twice a week at this rate.  Going to have to curb this habit really soon! (But they have […]